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What do we do in a day?

Wide Games

To start our day we enjoy playing outside in the local school field! we walk over as a group and enjoy whole group games such as soccer baseball, grounders, capture the flag and even park time. In the afternoon we play another wide game but taking place inside the church to keep cool in the summer heat! These games include bear hunt, sardines, phobia and much more!


Pool and Water Games 

We take advantage of our beautiful lawn to beat the summer heat and play with water balloons, a slip and slide, and a kiddie pool. We also take weekly trips to the Maryvale Pool for a nice dip!



No camp is complete with out trips! Trips are typically held on Wednesdays and take up our entire day. We strive to take the campers on fun memorable trips and group them into their age groups to optimize the fun! In the past Camp Senda has gone to Ripley's Aquarium, the Zoo, Treetop trekking, and much more!  (More info on specific trips and sleep overs this year can be found on the Home page of our website)


Clubs and Electives 

At camp we want campers to immerse themselves in many different actives and learn, create, and share. clubs and electives is a time to do that and allows campers to take part in as many different activities throughout the week! Some clubs and electives include, Art, sports, music, science, dance, gardening, and much more! 


Chapel Time

To make Chapel Time fun and engaging for the campers we complete skits to accompany the Bible lessons taught, these skits all fall into a certain theme to make learning fun for the campers. Chapel Time is also a time where we have song and dance to kid friendly worship music. To ensure that the campers learnt during this time we wrap up with a memory verse which summarizes a key theme of our lesson. this memory verse is a Bible verse that fits well with the days lesson.


Small Groups 

Small groups is a time for Campers to connect with their age mates and talk about their day as well as recap the lesson taught during Chapel. Small groups also are used in other aspects of camp when grouping is needed to accommodate trips, and outing as well as ensure they have fun.

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