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Bravo Program

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*Photo of the 2019 Camp Senda Bravo's and Counsellors!

Looking to Volunteer at Camp Senda? You’ve come to the right page. We are looking for youth ages 13+ who are willing to dedicate two weeks of their summer to serve the youth of Camp Senda. 


Bravos are an important part of our staff team and are at Camp from 8am-5pm. 


Our first hour is dedicated to a lesson that will help you learn more about your faith. Christianity is a journey that we can explore together. This is an amazing opportunity to further your faith, through our daily lessons and asking questions.


During Camp, you will have various opportunities to learn and practice leadership skills. These skills serve to benefit you in your day to day life.


Email us now or use the ‘Contact Us’ page to get a copy of the application to become a Bravo!

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*Photo of 2019 staff and Bravos in training!

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